We Build Sh!t


Hot Rods

Simple bolt-ons to full on Restomods…

Our bread and butter. Whether you’re interested in upgrading to EFI, A/C or want an end-to-end build from rendering to final product, our shop is equipped and ready to build the project of your dreams. What makes us different is the style and detail we sweat over to bring one of a kind projects to life.


Two Wheel Customs

Small upgrades, frame modifications, electrical and everything in between

Step Vans

Wine Vans to Work Trucks

From full-on kitchens complete with sinks and hot water to individually designed specific work vans, the possibilities are endless with these trucks.


Furniture, Planters, Housewares…

Welding, woodworking, painting, electrical, plumbing, and more. Have a project in mind but having a hard time navigating the execution? Let us help you design your project today!


The Story

Uhle Worx is a lifestyle brand driven by the ambition to become the best car studio in the world. Fueled by passion and a complete obsession with artisanal quality, we strive to uphold the integrity of the industry while pushing the bounds of design and technology. Conceptualizing and building some of the most innovative automotive projects in the world is not just our craft, it's our calling.


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